These 6 Minimalist Bedroom Designs Size 3 x 4

What must be considered in the design of a small bedroom is the location of the windows and doors. The placement of the furniture can later be adjusted to the location of the two elements of the room.

Like in this bedroom, placing the bed under the window and facing the door is proven to make this minimalist 3×4 bedroom design look more comfortable.

But the most important thing is to fill in a minimalist 3×4 room design with furniture that you think is the most functional. A spring bed for two people and a pair of desks and office chairs are enough to make this minimalist bedroom design of 3×4 size work well.

  • Minimalist bedroom design size 3×4 with wallpaper

To get rid of the stiff and cold impression on a minimalist bedroom design of 3×4 size, you can use room wall wallpaper on one side of the wall. But don’t put too much stuff on the wallpapered wall. Installing several photo frames, knick-knacks, or ornamental plants is enough to make it appear more expressive.

Considering the area that is not so large, the design of a minimalist room with a size of 3×4 can be maximized by applying a combination of neutral colors. This is because neutral colors are believed to make the mind more relaxed so you are more comfortable.

However, regardless of color selection, the use of a soft and quality mattress, such as the Comforta mattress brand can also affect your comfort, you know!

  • Maximize storage in a 3×4 . minimalist bedroom design

Well, the problem is when you need a lot of storage to store things in the room. Place drawers and shelves facing each other, as in this minimalist bedroom design of 3×4 size.

Meanwhile, you can place the wardrobe next to the bed. However, it would be better if you use custom furniture so that the size, model, and color can be adjusted to your minimalist 3×4 size bedroom design.

The simple impression of a combination of monochrome colors makes the design of a minimalist bedroom with a size of 3×4 feel so monotonous. The decoration game in the form of a photo frame collage mounted on the headboard of the bed can provide unique inspiration when you wake up in the morning. A little touch of nature from ornamental plants and wooden floors can eliminate the claustrophobic impression that is felt in a minimalist bedroom design of 3×4 size.

  • The arrangement of elongated furniture in a minimalist bedroom design measuring 3×4

To place large furniture in a 3×4 bedroom, you can do an elongated arrangement. The bed can be placed at the back of a minimalist 3×4 room design. Meanwhile, work desks and chairs, or other furniture such as cabinets can be placed at the front of the room. You can also change your work desk into a dressing table or sofa, the important thing is that it stays at the front of the room.

The nuances of the room can also be made uniform as shown by this minimalist bedroom design of 3×4 size. The wood tones that appear create warmth in the bedroom. Don’t forget to use a soft and quality mattress. If you’re looking for it, Dekoruma sells Dunlopillo, sells Florence, sells King Koil mattresses, to various other famous mattress brands.

  • Attractive 3×4 size minimalist bedroom design for children’s rooms

The limited area is not an obstacle to exploring the design of a child’s room. In this minimalist bedroom design size 3 × 4, for example. Although the area is limited, the children’s room still looks playful with a wooden house-themed bunk bed. The bunk bed is not only a comfortable resting place, but also a functional storage space in this minimalist 3×4 size bedroom design.

Those are six minimalist bedroom designs of 3×4 size that can be an inspiration to design a small bedroom. If your house is in Jakarta and you need interior design services, Dekoruma provides Jakarta interior design services, you know! The price is transparent, efficient and multifunctional, the design is attractive, and it is guaranteed to finish in eight weeks. In addition, payments can use the installment system!

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