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4 kitchen room ideas that you can apply!
Like cooking? Hmm .. charming kitchen with the addition of a beautiful kitchen set of course everyone’s dream, the kitchen set makes the kitchen space more flexible and all the furniture needed is neatly arranged. Activities in the kitchen are even more fun and can sweeten the atmosphere of the house so that it is warmer.


For many families, the kitchen is the focal point of the home. Not only do parents spend hours each week cooking, but children also go to the kitchen bar to enjoy snacks after school or even do homework. The importance of the kitchen in daily activities means that it can feel uncomfortable to simplify space so that it meets a minimalist aesthetic.

After all, where is the warmth of a stark on a table or a monochromatic kitchen device? Maybe there is no other room that is most important for housewives compared to a favorite kitchen. There is nothing wrong if you pay more attention to the design of the kitchen. The minimalist kitchen set is one of the interesting styles because of its presence that always looks beautiful and neat. Apparently, a minimalist kitchen set also doesn’t have to be expensive! This time, we want to bring inspiration to a minimalist cheap kitchen set, but still charming.

Cheap Minimalist Kitchen Set with Decorative Walls

Cheap minimalist kitchen set design above looks quite unique and attractive thanks to an interesting blend of paint colors. The result is a combination of a minimalist cheap kitchen set with decorations that blend well. If you don’t like lime, just replace the surface of a minimalist kitchen set with other ingredients that are equipped with artistic decorations such as paintings or a choice of wall stickers.


Cheap and Monochromatic Minimalist Kitchen Set

With a minimalist symmetrical kitchen set design from each shelf, this inexpensive minimalist kitchen set is the center of attention with a hanging style from the legs of iron furniture. One of the advantages of cheap minimalist kitchen sets like the picture above is the ease when cleaning the floor.

Cheap and Simple Minimalist Kitchen Set

Return to just the standard concept for a cheap minimalist kitchen set. You can build a minimalist kitchen set consisting of a bottom table complete with adequate shelves. The kitchen design is equipped with a simple hanging rack for storing glassware.

Minimalist Kitchen Set With Bright Contrast Color

At a glance, the minimalist kitchen set above is no different from other kitchen sets. But with Tosca blue on the cheap minimalist kitchen set at the top, the kitchen looks brighter and has the impression of a young soul-pop, similar to the chef’s kitchen design.

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