Functional and modern house

House to live now he must have a multiple function, not only a house, but also as a workplace and to receive guest collage / work partners. But privacy does not disturb the area of ​​the house, all the functions are in a building, although it is small but full function. HOW TO DO?

The development of the world of work is increasingly dynamic, where working at home is not something strange these days, but on the other hand, there is also a challenge that houses living in the middle of The city are increasingly expensive for people who just start their careers.

So .. Maximize the function of the house is a solution these days, yes … a residence + the function of a office in a single building.
But it will be strange and ugly if the work activities interfere with the intimacy of residential activities.
There must therefore be a barrier and different access access between residential activities and work activities involving colleagues.
With that, we discuss …

How this house succeeds a lot in making a solution, that a multifunctional urban house is the best solution, time, cost and transport efficiency.
The most crucial thing about this house is the way the designer has created an access scale from the outside of the building (in front of the house) which can penetrate directly on the 3rd floor – where this activity on the 3rd floor will be A multifunctional activity can be used as a workplace, create content (creation). content), or various other activities that involve colleagues, where access must be directly at the office’s activity room, without disturbing the activities of the

So … as effective as that, how to make sacrifices by making a very long scale, but also a solution very for a versatile house

By adding a vacuum in the middle of the building, this will make the small house initially loose and spacious. Without having to reduce the comfort and size of the rooms.

So … if a house must be designed with a cool front view – it is in fact not necessarily the objective of a functional house – but … a creative designer is to find a solution on the way in which A small house can feel large and wide. Relieved and the functions of the activities there are very effective and efficient, effective and meet the owner’s needs.
Do not let this cost you a lot – but the different activities of the house are not completed correctly and comfortably. It ends up being a waste of money.

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