5 Creative Vegetable Garden Inspirations You Can Try

Vegetable garden inside the indoor shelf For those of you who have limited land to set up your own vegetable garden, try bringing the vegetable garden into your home. To save space, use multilevel display racks to place various vegetable pots. Provide water and sufficient light so that the vegetable plants can photosynthesize. If necessary, … Read more

4 Most Beautiful Garden Vegetable Garden Designs That Are Easy to Copy

Hydroponic Garden in the Home Yard If you have limited space, hydroponic plants can be an alternative. You just need to provide a used pipe or bottle as a planting medium. You can arrange some of these fairly long pipes vertically, so they don’t take up much space on the page. Vegetable Garden in the … Read more

5 Backdrop Application Ideas for Home Wall Decoration

Home Wall Backdrop Using Mirror The application of mirrors in the world of photography is a very classy technique and can make your photography more interesting and different. However, did you know that mirrors can be used as an attractive backdrop for homes? Reporting from Money Control, a glass mirror is one element of Feng … Read more

5 Minimalist Bridal Room Decorations

Mood Builder Color Options Color is very important in creating atmosphere. Therefore, choose a theme color that will support the overall decor. The color of the newlyweds room should enhance sensuality and romance. You can use neutral colors, such as ivory white, or pastel greens and blues, to create a warm and sweet atmosphere. If … Read more

These 6 Minimalist Bedroom Designs Size 3 x 4

What must be considered in the design of a small bedroom is the location of the windows and doors. The placement of the furniture can later be adjusted to the location of the two elements of the room. Like in this bedroom, placing the bed under the window and facing the door is proven to … Read more

5 Korean Simple Bedroom Design Inspirations

Minimalist cream tone that seems cool This is the Korean-style bedroom concept that is widely chosen. Minimalist by combining white and bright beige and earth tones. Usually, Korean-style bedrooms are equipped with wooden bed supports and shelves. In addition, it is equipped with an aesthetic picture decoration. Don’t forget, a large body-sized glass is a … Read more

5 Bedroom Design Trends 2022

Bedrooms Using Sustainable Sheets and Blankets Sustainable is one of the trends that will continue in 2022. Choosing to use sheets and blankets with sustainable materials is the right choice. Besides being able to beautify the room, and also make it comfortable when you sleep, you can also help save the environment. Natural Motif Bedroom … Read more