5 Minimalist Bridal Room Decorations

  1. Mood Builder Color Options

Color is very important in creating atmosphere. Therefore, choose a theme color that will support the overall decor. The color of the newlyweds room should enhance sensuality and romance.

You can use neutral colors, such as ivory white, or pastel greens and blues, to create a warm and sweet atmosphere. If you want a more luxurious atmosphere, you can use colors such as gold, maroon, or purple. This collection from Homesfeed can also be your inspiration.

The choice of color for this theme should be discussed with a partner, so that it can be adjusted to the tastes of both of you. If you don’t agree on color, you can choose a middle ground by using white as the base color on the walls and your favorite accent color for furniture and accessories.

  1. Functional and Matching Room Furniture

Furniture should match the theme of the decor but must remain functional. Furniture that is very important in the bedroom is the bed or bed.

The bed you choose should really make you both relaxed and comfortable, like this Home-designing choice. Make sure the size is right, not too big or too small and adjust to the size of the room.

Use clean sheets and pillowcases made of fabrics that are suitable for you. For blankets, you can choose a blanket made of wool or one made of cotton, fleece or silk.

  1. Adjust Room Lighting

Lighting is very important in decorating the bridal room. Lack of light in the room tends to make the room look dull. If it is too bright, the eyes will be dazzled.
Install various sets of lighting fixtures that can be used to elevate the mood. You can choose a lamp with a yellow light or a chandelier to create a romantic atmosphere.

  1. Curtains on the Bridal Bedroom

Curtains can create a romantic impression in an instant. Add curtains around the bed and let the rest of the fabric hang to the floor. You can use thin, translucent fabrics or linen, silk, to velvet or velvet.

  1. Add Flower Accessories

Flowers are always synonymous with a romantic impression. Therefore, adding flowers in the bridal room will automatically create a romantic atmosphere. Types of flowers that can be chosen as decorations include roses, lilies, sun, to orchids.

Place the flower arrangement in a vase and place it on the table or near the window. If you want to create a more romantic atmosphere, you can sprinkle rose petals on the bed.

Arrange the petals into a heart shape or simply spread them out on the bed. You can also add flower arrangements on the bed.

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