5 Korean Simple Bedroom Design Inspirations

  1. Minimalist cream tone that seems cool

This is the Korean-style bedroom concept that is widely chosen. Minimalist by combining white and bright beige and earth tones.

Usually, Korean-style bedrooms are equipped with wooden bed supports and shelves. In addition, it is equipped with an aesthetic picture decoration. Don’t forget, a large body-sized glass is a must-have item in the room.

  1. Cheerful soft pastels

The next bedroom design, which is in soft pastel colors. It can be blue, pink, yellow or light green. These colors are usually chosen because they create a comfortable room atmosphere.

In addition, the combination of soft pastels of various colors also gives an impression of joy. For example, to add enthusiasm, you can increase the dominance of yellow for the room.

  1. Many wood elements are more natural

The next Korean-style bedroom design, which uses a lot of wood elements. Wood was chosen because it can make the room atmosphere more natural and close to nature.

This design is suitable for houses in the middle of the city. Wood elements will also make the aura of the room more comfortable, especially because of its natural color.

  1. Modern minimalist all white

A room with an all-white atmosphere fits perfectly with just about anything. Therefore, this color is also often used in Korean-style room design concepts.

Starting from the walls, bed sheets, to the white uniformed furniture. If you want to use this concept, don’t forget to combine it with various furniture textures. The goal is that the room does not seem monotonous.

  1. Goes well with a bit of industrial style

Industrial-style rooms are usually closely related to modern European-style designs. However, this design is also suitable to be combined with Korean-style rooms.

For example, the use of this iron lamp which is usually found in industrial rooms. Gray striped bed linen is also closely related to this concept.

However, if combined with wood and other modern elements, the Korean-style concept will still exist. In this room, for example, the table, mirror and small bedside table still use wooden elements.

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