5 Backdrop Application Ideas for Home Wall Decoration

  1. Home Wall Backdrop Using Mirror

The application of mirrors in the world of photography is a very classy technique and can make your photography more interesting and different. However, did you know that mirrors can be used as an attractive backdrop for homes? Reporting from Money Control, a glass mirror is one element of Feng Shui that can be used to bring a positive atmosphere to your home.

However, that doesn’t mean you can apply a mirror backdrop carelessly because it can damage the flow of chi energy that enters the house. One of the most suitable places to attach a mirror backdrop is the kitchen. In accordance with the science of Feng Shui, using a large mirror in the kitchen will be able to open a gate of very good fortune for you and your family.

Avoid installing a mirror backdrop that is directly opposite the mattress in your bedroom. A mirror can create feelings of dizziness and even insomnia if placed opposite the bed in the room.

Cover the backdrop with a cloth if you want to rest to neutralize negative energy
Using a backdrop from a mirror makes the room seem spacious.

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  1. Home Wall Backdrop with Wood

Take advantage of the empty walls of your house to attach a backdrop made of wood. Wood is a natural material and can create a natural and positive atmosphere for your home. Reporting from Bench Master Woodworx, wood will create a beautiful rustic impression for a home.

The use of wood as a backdrop will also create a very interesting contrast and eliminate the boring impression of your plain wall without any decoration at all.

  1. Home Wall Backdrop with Motif Fabric

For those of you who have been in the world of photography, of course you know that cloth is one of the most useful props and can be used for a variety of different situations. One of the benefits of other motif fabrics is to become a beautiful backdrop in your home. Hang the motif cloth on a wall in an empty house to make a simple but beautiful point of interest.

  1. Home Wall Backdrop with Painting

One other backdrop idea that you can use is painting. Painting is a decoration that can be used for many different situations. Take advantage of a large painting to be an attractive backdrop at home. In addition, the backdrop of the painting can be a perfect spot for family photos when they are together.

  1. Home Wall Backdrop with Newspaper

Don’t be in a hurry to throw away the old newspapers in your house. Take advantage of it to become an attractive wall backdrop just by using old newspapers. Arrange the old newspapers to cover a wall surface. Take advantage of the newspaper backdrop to become an interesting selfie spot in your home.

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