4 Most Beautiful Garden Vegetable Garden Designs That Are Easy to Copy

  1. Hydroponic Garden in the Home Yard

If you have limited space, hydroponic plants can be an alternative. You just need to provide a used pipe or bottle as a planting medium.

You can arrange some of these fairly long pipes vertically, so they don’t take up much space on the page.

  1. Vegetable Garden in the Home Yard with Hanging Pots

This one method is also a solution for those of you who only have a little land in your yard. The trick, prepare a rectangular wooden board. The board is used to hang a number of pots.

Alternatively, you can hang the pot using a rope tied to the roof of the house. That way, you don’t need a large area as a gardening area.

  1. Vegetable Garden with Border

So that the vegetable garden in the yard of the house does not seem messy, you can make several blocks. Each block can be filled with different plants.

Use stones as a barrier between one block to another. Make the distance between the blocks so that the yard looks neat.

  1. Vegetable Garden in the Yard of the House with the Terrace Method

The terracing method is usually applied in paddy fields on mountain slopes. The function of terracing is to prevent landslides.

However, this method is also quite unique if applied in the yard of the house. The appearance of the yard of the house can be beautiful with a view of the terrace of the vegetable garden.

The trick, make the ground in stages. Then, you also have to create a limit in each level. To beautify the appearance of the yard, group plants by type.

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